Bring yourself,

bring your talent,

bring it on!




CONGRATULATIONS to all who auditioned!  If your name is missing from this cast list, or you couldn’t make the audition and still want to be in the show, please let us know ASAP. Please be sure to join the REMIND TEXTING SYSTEM for the show.  Reminder that the rehearsal schedule will be sent out through this Texting Group.  All info will be sent via text through the REMIND TEXTING SYSTEM! 

Text this message: @beastolps

To this number: 81010

Beast – Jacob Smith

Belle – Molly Kate Sumrall

Gaston – Austin Knight

LeFou – Jane Perrotti

Maurice – Paxton Hill

Mrs. Potts – Jolie Brewer

Cogsworth – Baylor Fall

Lumiere – Liam Vanderlick

Babette – Madelyn Lombardi

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Vivian Seeling

Chip – Emmie LaFleur

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress – Lilly Rills

Monsieur D’Arque – Scott Seeling

Silly Girls (Les Filles de la Ville) – Coco Cahill, Harper DuPlechian, Stella Soprano

Narrator #1 – Anna Kate Bartlett

Narrator #2 – Noah Verzwyvelt

Narrator #3 – Blake Baker

Narrator #4 – Patrick Lyons

Aristocratic Lady – Ryleigh Wainwright

Fishmonger – Thomas Lombardi

Egg Seller – Reagan Dodge

Sausage Curl Girl – Kaylee Shelton

Baker – Flynn Cahill

Lady With A Cane – Lainey Thiels

Lady With A Baby – Madisyn Manuel

Candle Seller – Joseph Wolf

Hat Seller – Henderson Fowlkes

Milk Maid – Julianne Milton

Shepherd Boy – Sawyer Brossett

Butcher – Mason Melder

Book Seller – Philip Brocato



Lilly Rills

Kaylee Siebeneicher

Catherine Tassin

Gabriella Hayes



Collin Noel

Gabriel Guillory

Leland McCullough

Corbin Fowlkes

Reid Verzwyvelt

Mason Hill

Ryleigh Wainwright

Reagan Dodge

Kaylee Shelton

Lainey Thiels

Madisyn Manuel

Julianne Milton

Kaylee Siebeneicher

Gabriella Hayes

Catherine Tassin

Cecelia Soileau-Kinder

Julia Dailey

Aubrey Richardson

Lilly Rills

Heidi Clark

Maci Smith

Jane Woolf

Sutton Brossett

Corrine Chapman

Lucia Cupples

Maggie Lachney

Julia Gremillion



Bryce Tuma

Ryder Tuma

Jon Matthew Blocker

Allen Clare Finn

Eleanor Smith

Molly Lachney

Abigail Wolf

Kennedi Evans

Abigail Rills

Wiley Heard

Emily Robichaux

Collin Gremillion

Lily Lombardi

Monroe Etheridge

Aliza Nash

Kate Bergeron

Mary Hampton Beck

Sloane Brossett

Stella McCullough

Harper Taylor

Parker Kate Everett

Emma Greer

Mia Mejia

Claire Rhoads

Abigail Brocato

Evangeline Soileau-Kinder

Emily Bartlett

Lily Wainwright

Hazel Clark

Isabella Gaspard

Lucy Dekeyzer