A:  There are no reserved seats for single tickets.  Theatre facility policy will no longer allow Lagniappe Theatre to provide group reserved 
seating.  Seating is general admission.

Q:  Can you reserve my tickets and put them on hold for me at the box office?
A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve unpaid tickets at the box office.  Tickets may be purchased in advance however, and will be 
waiting for you at WILL CALL.

Q:  What if I arrive late to a performance?
A:  If we are in a sold out situation and you have tickets waiting at WILL CALL, they will have been resold.  If we are in a sold out situation and you have tickets in hand, it is at the House Manager’s discretion to see if seating is still available.  If we are not in a sold out situation, it is at the House Manager’s discretion to find an appropriate break in the performance during which to seat you and your party.

Q:  Where can I purchase tickets?
A:  By phone using a credit card (318) 48-STAGE, online at or in person at Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Box Office 1:00PM - 5:00PM the week of the production.

Q:  I bought tickets online, how do I get them?
A:  The tickets will be emailed to you so you can print at home or will be waiting at WILL CALL under the purchaser’s name.

Q:  I bought tickets over the phone, how do I get them?
A:  The tickets will be waiting at WILL CALL under the purchaser’s name, or can be emailed to you if you have asked for that service.

Q:  Can I bring my small child?  Do they need a ticket?
A:  Although children under the age of 5 are not recommended, they are permitted.  Everyone will need a ticket that sits in a seat.

Q:  What is the refund & exchange policy for single tickets?
Click HERE for our ticket policies.


Theatre / Hours

Q:  What time do doors open?
A:  The lobby and box office opens one hour prior to show time.  The doors to pick out a seat open 30 minutes prior to show time.

Q:  What is the appropriate attire?
A:  Casual attire is appropriate to all Lagniappe Theatre shows.

Q:  Can we rent your theatre?
A:  The Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center is owned by the City of Alexandria and run by the Arts Council of Central Louisiana.  The Lagniappe Theatre Company simply rents the facility.  You may call (318) 484-4486 for rental info.

Q:  Where do we park?
A:  There is a parking lot located next to the theatre.  Parking is also acceptable on the streets near the theatre.

Q:  Where is the theatre located?
A:  Our shows are held at the Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center.  The physical address is 1202 Third Street, Alexandria, LA 
 Click HERE for details.

Q:  Are there concessions?
A:  The staff at Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center provide concessions during intermission.

Q:  Can I bring food or drink into the theatre?
A:  The theatre’s policy is that only bottled water is allowed in the house.  Food and drink are permitted in the lobby.

Q:  I lost an item at the theatre.  What do I do?
A:  Call the Arts Council of Central Louisiana at (318) 484-4486.


ADA Compliance

Q:  I am hard of hearing.  What should I do?
A:  Please let the House Manager or one of the ushers know and they can provide you with a hearing assist ear monitor.

Q:  Do you have handicapped seating?
A:  Yes, just let the House Manager or one of the ushers know you need special seating and they will assist you.


Lagniappe Theatre

Q:  Where are your classes, lessons, and rehearsals held?
A:  Classes, lessons, and rehearsals are held in the Lagniappe Theatre building.  The Lagniappe Theatre building is located at 1906 Gus Kaplan Dr. in Alexandria.

Q:  What is your mailing address?
A:  PO Box 14015, Alexandria, LA 71315

Q:  Can I take pictures?
A:  The operation of cameras, video cassette recorders and other recording devices is strictly prohibited during all Lagniappe Theatre 

Q:  How long is the performance?
A:  Each production will have a different running time and will not be known until the week of the production.  You are welcomed to call to 

Q:  How can we contact you?
A:  Our phone number is (318) 48-STAGE, that’s (318) 487-8243.  FAX is (318) 473-9656 Email is