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Sign up for the REMIND Texting System below to accept your role immediately!  We will send you info about the show later this weekend!  If you have not signed up for REMIND by Sunday, February 3rd at 5PM, you will forfeit your role.  We start rehearsals Monday, February 25th!!  Script and music pick up info will be text messaged to you!  Thanks!

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Text to this number: 81010


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MATILDA WORMWOOD – Evie LaFleur & Chloe Lair


MISS HONEY – Lesley Brunk

MR. WORMWOOD – Timothy Saucier

MRS. WORMWOOD – Virginia Tudor

MICHAEL WORMWOOD – Christian Salazar

MRS. PHELPS – Karie LaFleur

SERGEI – George Fine

RUDOLPHO – Jeremiah Mitchell

THE ACROBAT – Lily Mikulas

THE ESCAPOLOGIST – Julian Anderson

BRUCE – Jaylon Williams

LAVENDER – Ella Rivers

AMANDA – Sadie Gaspard

NIGEL – Clark Jones

ERIC – Owen Morrow

ALICE – Eva Pathoumthong

HORTENSIA – Maya Mitchell

TOMMY – Matthew Whitehead


COOK – Spring Wester

DOCTOR – George Fine

NURSE – Charissa Owens

MUM 1 – Kami Scarbrock

DAD 1 – George Fine

MUM 2 – Spring Wester

DAD 2 – Robbie Bush

MUM 3 – Charissa Owens

DAD 3 – Ji’Bril Harris

MUM 4 – Emma Mitchell

DAD 4 - Zane Lovas

MUM 5 - Hannah Culp

DAD 5 - Julian Anderson


Jadyn Brunk

Kennedi Woods

Lily Kirby


HENCHMAN 1 – Zane Lovas

HENCHMAN 2 – Julian Anderson

HENCHMAN 3 – Ji’Bril Harris

HENCHMAN 4 – Jeremiah Mitchell

HENCHMAN 5 – Christian Salazar

HENCHMAN 6 - Robbie Bush

SALSA COUPLE 1 – Julian Anderson/Abigail Rivers

SALSA COUPLE 2 – Christian Salazar/Sami Jo Welch

SALSA COUPLE 3 - Ji’Bril Harris/Talise Beverly

SALSA COUPLE 4 – Jaylon Williams/Katie Smith



Kami Scarbrock

George Fine

Spring Wester

Charissa Owens

Emma Mitchell

Zane Lovas

Robbie Bush



Meredith Jones (soloist)

Lorelei Bolen (soloist)

Ella Holland (soloist)

Miriam Kinnison (soloist)

Will Jones

Carter Cross

Madolyn Cross

Bailie Lanham

Madisyn Manuel

Bayleigh Cataldie

Camryn LaCaze

Amelia Beebe

Evie Wold

Ian Pathoumthong

Kadie Palmer

Emma Grace Corley

Savannah Woods

K Rose Chapman

Foster Chapman

Caroline Dyer

Myla Johnson

Christian Dearborne

Lee Fine, Jr.

Caroline Sumrall

Clark Wright

Molly Kate Sumrall

Aidan Stokes

Owen Edridge



Katie Smith (Dance Captain)

Hannah Culp (Dance Captain)

Abigail Rivers (Dance Captain)

Ashlynn Mann

Belle Fine

Carley Pasche

Katlyn Bush

Ashleigh Coleman

Brooke Searcy

Sami Jo Welch

Lily Mikulas

Lily Kirby

Mary Cate Leddy

Haley Gaspard

Emily Barker

Emily Claire Pope

Taylor Havard

Ali Smith

Caroline Requena

Talise Beverly

Olivia Fontenot

Kennedi Woods

Heidi Smith

Jadyn Brunk

Sophia Lytle

Faith Holland

Ji’Bril Harris

Kathryn Scarbrock

Mallory Michel

Alexis Brady



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Sign up for the REMIND Texting System below to accept your role!  We will send you info about the show later this week!  We start rehearsals Thursday, January 10th!!  Script and music pick up info will be text messaged to you!  Thanks!

Text this message: @olpsm

Text to this number: 81010

Mary Poppins – Maggie Bell

Bert – Sutton Blakesley

George Banks – Jack Blackwood

Winifred Banks – Savanna Johnson

Jane Banks – Evie LaFleur

Michael Banks – Andrew Babin

Miss Andrew – Mary Kate Leddy

Mrs. Corry – Chloe Lair

Mrs. Brill – Maggie Bordelon

Robertson Ay – Carson Arbour

Katie Nanna – Ella Beauregard

Bird Woman/Customer – Amelie Lyons

Miss Smythe – Jamie Sue Bordelon

Neleus/Customer – Beau Broussard

Chairman/Customer – Jude Babin

Von Hussler/Customer – Briggs Broussard

John Northbrook/Customer – Trip Lyons

Policeman/Customer – Justin Bordelon

Messenger/Customer – Sladen Baker


Chimney Sweeps/Customers

Jamie Sue Bordelon

Ella Beuregard

Jolie Brewer

Abby Scalisi

Layla Cross McCall

Joselin Soileau-Kinder

Lena Rodriguez

Isabelle Simons

Myah Thomas

Vivian Seeling

Jeri Ann Vaughn

Ava Miguez

Vivian Vollman

Sawyer Shelton

Ava Robichaux

Stella Soprano

Madisyn Manuel

Kate Perrotti

Emily Wolf

Hannah Laborde

Alexis Ducote

Camryn Harrison

Corinne Guillory

Mattison Bernard

Harper DuPlechian

Millie Lyons



Noah Verzwyvelt

Liam Vanderlick

Adam Hicks

Lewis Lauve II

Baylor Broussard

Josie Traczewitz

Gracie Mizell

Joanna Rodriguez

Catherine Tassin

Maci Smith

Ava Vaughn

Jane Perrotti

Emma Hartman

Eve Henry

Amelia Ledet



Isabelle Stokes

Margaret Beck

Kate Babin

Caroline Borrel

Camille Laborde

Maggie Lachney

Karsyn Jarred

Corrine Chapman

Claire Robichaux

Ava Kate Wright


Kite Flyers/Park Strollers/Customers

Camille Giordano

Elizabeth Crenshaw

Addyson Wright

Eva Gremillion

Tierney Vanderlick

Adleigh Henry

Eleanor Crooks

Addison Guillory

Analiese Holmes



Kayleigh Adams

Natalie Serio

Lily Smith

Elise Leatherman

Cecilia Olagues

Simon Chapman

Dominic Botello

Jack Simpson

Cameron Kidd

Matthew Hicks



Trinity Ferrara

Olivia Marcantel