It's time to SEIZE THE DAY!  Sign up for the REMIND Texting System below to accept your role!  We will send you info about the show later this week!  We start rehearsals October 1st!!  If your name was left off the cast list, please let us know ASAP!  Thanks!

Text this message: @ltcnewsies

Text to this number: 81010

Jack Kelly – Christian Salazar

Katherine Plumber – Virginia Tudor

Medda Larkin – Katoya Flowers

Crutchie – Foster Gunter

Davey – Spencer Stelly

Les – Aidan Stokes

Race – Jeremiah Mitchell 

Finch/Darcy – Julian Anderson

Albert – Clark Jones

Buttons – Cameron Weidner

Elmer/Bill – Ethan Miller

Henry – Brock Bordelon

Jo Jo – Harry Hoben

Mush – Brady Sanders

Romeo – Jaylon Williams

Specs – Ji’Brill Harris

Tommy Boy – Matthew McQuain

Oscar Delancey – Jared Johnson

Morris Delancey – Da’Zhan Woods

Mayor/Wiesel/Mr. Jacobi/Stage Manager – Lee Fine

Joseph Pulitzer – Ross Schexnayder

Seitz/Goon – George Fine

Bunsen/Goon -Rodney Smetak

Hannah – Lesley Brunk

Spot Conlon/Nunzio/Guard/Policeman – Matt Cross

Governor Teddy Roosevelt/Goon/Snyder – Michael Holland


Nuns and Bowery Beauties

Belle Fine

Faith Holland

Ashlynn Mann

Lauren Worth

Jadyn Brunk

Alexis Brady

Mallory Michel

Caitlynn French (also Photographer)

Carly Pasche (also Woman on street)

Tori Stelly

Lesley Brunk

Taylor Pierce


Newsies Ensemble

Jake Corley

Katie Smith

Lily Mikulas

Abigail Rivers

Emily Claire Pope

Taylor Havard

Parker Elliott

Ashleigh Coleman

Gabrielle Coleman

Lily Kirby

Brooke Babin

Kennedi Woods

Madeline Grant

Sami Jo Welch

Lucie Pugh

Haley Gaspard

Brooke Searcy



Congratulations to everyone!  We are so excited to get started with camp!  Make sure to sign up for our REMIND TEXTING SYSTEM immediately so we can send you info on when to pick up scripts and music.  This text group is specific to the show.  If you still have friends who would like to sign up, we would love to have them!  Just contact us!  If your name was left off the cast list by mistake, please let us know!!


Sign up for texting system:  Text @jbkbunkie  to the number 81010


Mowgli – Parker Pilgreen

Shanti – Amelia LaPrairie

Baloo – Graham Newton

Bagheera – Molly Roy

Shere Khan – Kate Webb

King Louie – Noah Newton

Sassy Monkey – Madeline Roy

Grumpy Monkey – Avery Cook

Silly Monkey – Lacie Redmon

Old Monkey – Timothy Farr

Dizzy the Vulture – Bubba Flook

Ziggy the Vulture – Jackson Bain

Kaa – Amelie Redmon

Kaa’s Coils:

#1 – Ava Webb

#2 – Lilly Newton

#3 – Josie Juneau

#4 – Brees Vasquez

#5 – Stella Venable

Colonel Hathi – Mitchell Couvillion

Baby Elephant – Camille Newton

Jungle Thistle – M’Lee Sonnier

Jungle Banyan – Charlotte Miller

Jungle Lotus – Frances Soileau


Monkey Chorus

Bubba Flook

Jackson Bain



Cruz Pilgreen

Andrew Newton

Bryson Brouillette

Aiden Brouillette

Alex Brouillette


Wolves & Jungle Chorus:

Melia Kojis

Kallie Couvillion

Annie Rabalais

Kinley McDonald